Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Removing Bocks to Success Part 2

I said I would talk more about forgiveness last in Feb. Stephen Levine's Healing into Life and Death has an excellent forgiveness meditation in it. I also have a copy of that mediation I can send to you.

What is forgiveness? The dictionary defines this as "stop being angry at someone" or to absolve someone. When we ask to both to forgive another and ask another to forgive us. Finally we forgive ourselves.

How is this done? Forgiveness is a softening of the heart. We block those out from our love and exclude someone you has deeply hurt us. Some may say that so-and-so is a toxic person that continually hurts me so I can't be around that person. While this may be true and we need to honor our boundaries and integrity - not putting ourselves in harm's way is an act of self love, we can still forgive the toxic person and choose not to be in contact with them. Many of you already know this and yet sometimes reminders are good.

Those of you in a 12 - step program who are working the steps know of making amends. Through your behavior you have wronged another and you take steps when no harm will come to you or the other to make amends. Making an amend is more than a mere apology - it is a way of repairing your karma and bringing justice to a wrong you have committed in the past. If we carry the amend process to past lives we step from how we may have been hurt and wronged deeply in this life to the mirror of how we hurt others in a past life.

Making amends in a past life is not a mental exercise when we are serious. And you may need help from a shaman if it is to be more than mental play. When the emotional and physical bodies are brought into play through the darkness of the underworld skirting across the edges of the void then the past may be cleansed so that in the present the blocks may be clearly seen and destroyed.

Then forward progress is assured.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Removing Blocks to Success part 1

We are complex creatures with contradictory motivations. Sometimes we have motivations that sabotague what we wish to manifest. These are BLOCKS that stand in the way of what we wish to create. The Block probably started in the past. One way to remove a block is to gain a new perspective and let go of emotional blocks.

Forgiveness may be one tool we can employ to bring us fully into the present. I will talk more about forgiveness soon

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Money Chant

Out of the darkness
Out of the air
Piles upon piles
Of silver and gold
I command to come,
All you moneys
As you have been told

Monday, December 8, 2008

Full Moon - New Moon Manifestion Ritual


If you've been working on a goal that doesn't seem to be manifesting you may need this kind of help. Rituals are meant to augment what we are already doing on a practical level to fulfill our goals. This ritual by it self is not a magic bullet for success. It is here because it may help you that extra amount towards what you seek.

Emotional receptivity is a precursor to a new way to manifest what we wish to happen. In the new world that began in 1992 (paradigm shift) - a world where every being is in relationship with all others, manifestation takes on a whole new meaning. The motto of this new way is: "Energy first, Manifestation second as aligned with Higher Self and Community at large." That being said, working with the emotional receptivity of the lunar cycle is the next step. The Full Moon is a way to charge an object with it's receiving power. When the papers are charged under the light of the Full Moon a way is made to give birth in the dark of the new moon.

Full Moons are always the opposite of your Sun sign. This ritual is most powerful when your Sun or Moon is in the sign of the current Full Moon. Full Moons are doubled in power during a lunar eclipse. For 2008 0- 2009 Full / New and solar and lunar eclipses go to:
However the following ritual can be beginning with any Full Moon.


Place a new, blank sheet of paper under the light of the Full Moon (see Link above) [outside, in a window, on your dashboard] you'll be using on the next New Moon. If a Full Moon occurs at dawn for instance you can put your papers out the night before or the night after. Don't worry if there's cloud cover under the Full Moon - the luminosity of the Full Moon will still reach the paper. As in all things receptive it is not an exact science, more like an art. So you'll need to experiment to see which works best for you.
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME WITH THE RITUAL - After having left the paper out at night bring it in and dry out if need be and put it in a safe place or on your altar. You will need to take it out in approximately two weeks at the New Moon.

ON GOING - At each Full Moon after you have written your wishes on the last New Moon you need to sit and see which came to pass an which did not. If a wish did not come to pass was that wish in alignment with your Highest Good? Does it need editing - re-writing? Or does it need to be put aside or discarded?

Take the blank sheet of paper that you put under the light of the Full Moon from and write down your wishes from 1 to 13. You may only have to wait until the next Full Moon if you align yourself with your wishes. Write the wishes during the night of the new moon (with 24 hours of the beginning of the New Moon) when birth of a new cycle is eminent. (see link above for a listing of the New Moons)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

San Martin Caballero - Meditation

If you live in part of the country that has a Hispanic section of your supermarket - go there are select The San Martin Caballero Candle. San Martin Caballero is the patron sait of health, work and money.

Burn this candle in the morning or evening on your altar for these things or as a way to augment your work towards your goals. While the candle is burning imagine you have the job and/or income you want.

[NOTE - You must be apply and/or looking for work in the world as well as the meditation above. Staing the obvious perhaps...]

Removing Obstacles - The Calming Heart Sutra

"Sutra" is a Sanskrit word meaning a principle teaching of the Vedic knowledge. In other words, a sutra = a prayer

First, sit calmly and intend that your heart and mind grow calm and peaceful and that you fully connect with your own intrinsic unity with the Divine Mind (The Universe, God, your Higher Power...). It is also appropriate to express out loud this intention as well as adding any other intention that matches your situation. For example:

  • I have loving kindness towards others. (In response to feeling hurt and anger.)
  • I feel well. (In response to having the flu.)
  • I have plenty of money to buy gas for my car. (In response to feeling lack about rising gas prices.)
Next, place your left hand on top of your right hand, palms up, thumbs touching in front of your chest as if you are cradling your heart center. This is called a mudra, which means "hand gesture" and is important for reinforcing the intention.

Chant the following mantra 9 times:
"Gate Gate Para-gate Para Sam Gate Bodhi Svaha"

Phonetic pronunciation: Gah-tay Gah-tay, Pah-rah-Gah-tay, Pah-rah Sahm Gah-tay, Bo-Dee Svah Hah

Translation from Sanskrit: Gate means "gone". Paragate means "gone across". Para sam gate means "completely gone across". Bodhi means "the enlightened state". Svah means "it is accomplished".

The Meaning of the Meditation is: Gone, gone, gone across, completely gone across the enlightened state. It is accomplished, I recognize this truth in myself.

It is important to sing the Calming Heart Sutra nine times. If you wish to continue, be sure to repeat it in sets of nine for maximum effect.

Gratefulness and Tithing etc.

Part of prosperity is being thankful to what we already have. I heard Guru Mai speak about gratefulness once and she spoke about being thankful for the good things the blessings as well as the irritations.

"They've paved paradise and put up a parking-lot."
Joni Mitchell "Big Yellow Taxi"

It seems that we really don't know what we have until its gone. Remember a planet is a terrible thing to waste.

Let's take stock in our breath for instance. It moves in and out of my body without me having to think and/or direct it.

We often take for granted what exists. We may not be grateful for our good health until we have a crisis in health. The reason is the desire of ego to keep the illusion of sameness in a world gone wild with change.
Look at the experiences and the forces that you and your significant others have built and maintained in your life. Design a gratefulness ritual for this.

Consider tithing to a cause you feel passionate about--social justice, reducing greenhouse gases (off-setting your carbon footprint), or something closer such as services you receive without charge, or a special savings account for a young person you know, or...

Remember we are all in "it" together.

The Planet is worth saving - ride a bike, telecommute, salute a political candidate that inspires you, tithe.

A Tithe is commonly one-tenth or a small token in service to what calls or supports you. Tithe or donate - you'll feel part of a bigger community.